Messiah Entire Oratorio


Handel's Messiah has become one of the world's most cherished musical works. Many performances of this oratorio take place around the world every year and the vast majority of them don't have a prodigious orchestra at their disposal. We're here to help you rehearse and perform with confidence.

Our Messiah recording is the Schirmer/Prout edition* of Messiah (Watkins Shaw coming soon) and it comes in four different packages. (Scroll down to listen to audio samples)

1. Messiah Single Rehearsal Package

  • Rehearsal tracks of entire Messiah (single download).

2. Messiah Group Rehearsal Package

  • Rehearsal tracks of entire Messiah (up to 100 devices).

3. Messiah Performance Package

  • Performance tracks of entire Messiah (single download).

4. Messiah Performance and Rehearsal Package

  • Performance Tracks of entire Messiah oratorio
  • Rehearsal Tracks (up to 100 devices)

This purchase entitles you to the use of this product for the period of one year from the date of purchase.

*These tracks are 2-channel minus tracks and do not include the choir parts.

*In addition to the original arrangements, our Schirmer/Prout recording also features a beautiful Harpsichord (not originally included in this edition). It adds a very nice baroque texture as well as chordal support to many of the tracks.

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase Music

2. Download the A-ccompany App

3. Practice and Perform like a Pro!

All A-ccompany tracks download directly to our ios A-ccompany App using the email address associated with your A-ccompany store account.

The A-ccompany App allows you to:

• Rehearse your music at a slower tempo and work your way up to full speed. You can also adjust the key (if needed).
• Easily select the measures you want to rehearse and stay in time using the counter and metronome tools.
• Make a recording and enjoy listening to your progress.

• Create and playback a playlist of songs for a performance.
• Alter tempo, pitch and many other features on performance tracks.
• Add, remove and adjust songs in your playlist to craft the perfect performance.

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