How Can Accompany Help You?

Having inspiring and impactful rehearsals and performances is not easy. And many musicians simply don't have the right tools and resources.

The Accompany music app and music library gives you musical context while you practice, mentorship with world-class musicians, and the motivation to succeed. Say goodbye to painful practicing! We've been told that the Accompany App makes rehearsing way more enjoyable, but the truth is, it will make you a better musician!

We know how much work goes into preparing for a performance and our music products and tools are here to make your job easier. When you use Accompany, you save time rehearsing, your rehearsals are more effective, and your performances shine.

The Accompany app allows you to do a number of things that will help you reach your potential as a musician.

The multi-channel practice mode allows you to:

• Isolate your part and be mentored by a variety of highly revered musicians.

• Mute your mentor's track and enjoy the excitement of performing in a world-class group.

• With the iOS app, you can rehearse your music at a slower tempo and work your way up to full speed.... or even faster. You can also adjust the key.

• Easily select the measures you want to rehearse and stay in time using the counter and metronome tools.

The Accompany App is also ready for a performance when you are.

The performance mode on the iOS app allows you to:

• Playback an amazing Accompany show or feel free to create your own.

• Alter tempo, pitch and many other features on each song.

• Add, remove and adjust songs in your playlist to craft the perfect performance.

We are also proud to offer our Mentored by the Masters™ video library with hours of training and techniques from some of the best musicians alive.

Music that is well performed has the power to move us! There is nothing else in the world quite like it. On the other hand, mediocre performances leave us feeling empty inside. No one likes feeling like their performance wasn’t what it could have been. Effective practice and performance tools help you rise to your very best. Musicians that use these tools are enabled to reach their full potential. Join us as we "Move the World Through Music!" Why? Because you deserve to achieve your best!

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