FAQs and Troubleshooting The A-ccompany App


Q: How much does the A-ccompany App for iOS and Android cost?

The A-ccompany app is absolutely free. The “Use iTunes” feature is also currently included free when you download the app. There is no better time to get the app! You can download the app for android here and iOS here.


Q: How do I get the most out of the A-ccompany App? Are there features I’m not using or may not know about.

The A-ccompany app is chock full of helpful tools to guide your band to success. Check out our post on how to use the app for everything you need to know.


Q: How many songs do I get with my All Access Jazz Pass?

There are several packages available, however, with a basic All Access Jazz Pass, you receive 20 songs for up to 30 group members for one year (20 Songs - 30 Members - One Year). The All Access Jazz Pass also includes free unlimited access to our Mentored by the Masters series featuring hours of valuable content from world class musicians and educators like, Wayne Bergeron, Mel Shore, Jay Lawrence, and many more.


Q: Are the A-ccompany tracks really all live recorded?

100% YES! Absolutely. Every part of every song is recorded live by some of the world’s top musicians in the A-ccompany studio. Everything from the pre-production, to recording, mixing and mastering of the tracks and even the filming and editing of our Mentored by the Masters series is all done right here by our in house production teams. Our mission is to move the world through music. We wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we did it any other way!


Q: Who’s playing on the A-ccompany tracks?

The A-ccompany tracks feature some of the best musicians on the planet, musicians like Wayne Bergeron, Alan Kaplan, Nicole Pinnell, John Beasley, Kris Johnson, Sal Lozano, Brian Scanlon, Bob Sheppard, Jay Lawrence, Monte Belknap, Ray Smith, Meredith Campbell, and many, many more!


Q: My group is playing a song that’s not in the A-company library. Can I request a song?

You sure can! We’re constantly adding new music year round. You can request music you’d like to see added to the A-ccompany library here.


Q: Did you include any of the alternate parts for the jazz charts?

Alternate parts are not always written, but when they are, we have gone to great lengths to make sure that you are covered. Among some of the alternate parts that have been recorded are clarinet, flute, vibes, percussion, and tuba.

Q: How do I manage the songs my group is playing?


  • Android:
    • Problem: Tracks won’t download
    • Cause: Not Enough Storage Space
    • Solution:
      • Delete the A-ccompany app
      • Free up space on phone
      • Re-download and you’re set

  • Android and iOS:
    • Problem: I’m not receiving a PIN in my email after I sign into the app
    • Cause: Most likely in Spam or Junk
    • Solution: Go to spam or junk folders in your email, locate the PIN email from A-ccompany and mark as safe ***Remember PINs are only valid for 10 minutes***

  • Android and iOS
    • Problem: Some music didn’t/won’t download - the red “A” icon just sits there
    • Cause: One of two things
      • Download was interrupted
      • Download was restarted
    • Solution: ***Recommended*** - Swipe down once, leave App open and allow time for all songs to download
      • If the above solution does not work, call customer service at 1-801-294-6444

  • Android and iOS
    • Problem: Some songs have disappeared
    • Cause: Songs have expired
    • Solution: Make sure your subscription is current