A-ccompany MissionWe exist to move the world through music!

 About A-ccompany

 Accompany is a privately owned, family business. Home base for us is our recording studio/production house of 38 years, Platinum Sound and Mastering Labs.

We feel incredibly blessed to associate with so many incredible musicians and our great desire is to help millions of developing musicians succeed!

Our Musicians

We feel so blessed to not only work with some of the best musicians on the planet, but also people who are absolute sweethearts!

Here is a list of many of the musicians who are part of the Accompany family:

Wayne Bergeron, Rob Schear, Reed LaCheminant, Kris Johnson, Dan Jonas, Travis Peterson, Seretta Hart, Alan Kaplan, Brian Keegan, Bryan Hofheins, Bob Sheppard, Sal Lozano, Brian Scanlon, Ray Smith, David Halliday, Daron Bradford, Jon Gudmundson, Matt Lima, Jay Lawrence, Todd Sorensen, Corey Christiansen, Michael Dowdle, Kenji Ahara, Rich Dixon, Matt Larson, Denson Angulo, John Beasley, Kurt Reeder, Monte Belknap, David Langr, Meredith Campbell, Kathryn Collier, Melissa Draper, Becca Moench, Kathy Langr, Candy Wagner, Megan Mason, Melissa Draper, Kristiana Sandberg, Leslie Harlow, Nicole Pinnell, Cassie Olson, Warren Mueller, Jeannine Goeckeritz, Justin Torress, Brian Hicks, Lysa Rytting, Casey Elliot, Felicia Ray Gibbons, and Yvonne Mueller.