All Access Jazz (Classroom Pack) Subscription


The All Access Jazz Package includes:

  • Access any 20 songs
  • Distribute songs to as many as 30 individuals
  • Access to our "Mentored by the Masters" series. Videos featuring hours of tips and techniques from amazing artists/instructors like Wayne Bergeron, Alan Kaplan, and Ray Smith. There are videos for nearly every instrument group: Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, and Rhythm Section.

The All Access Package is a one-year subscription, billed annually.

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase the "All Access Jazz" package
  2. Visit, create a login and password, and then add and assign songs. Accompany uses the same email address associated with your Accompany store account to verify purchases.
  3. Access tracks via the Accompany Web App

What do the rehearsal tracks sound like? Take a listen!

Practice Made Perfect!

Learning the language of jazz is not easy; we know how difficult it can be to have effective rehearsals in the classroom and at home. Developing musicians need context, mentorship, and motivation to succeed. The All Access Jazz package does just that!

The All Access Jazz package allows you to take advantage of the Accompany library by choosing any 20 songs and giving access to as many as 30 users.

You can create groups and assign music to students/users via our Director Admin site:

All of the songs in our jazz library are performed by incredible jazz musicians like: Wayne Bergeron (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band), Bob Sheppard (Chick Corea), John Beasley (Freddie Hubbard), Alan Kaplan (Buddy Rich), Sal Lozano (Michael Buble), Andy Martin (Dave Grusin), Brian Scanlon (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band), Jay Lawrence (Liberace), Rob Schear (Paul Anka), Kris Johnson (Count Basie Orchestra), Ray Smith (Director of Jazz Studies at BYU), David Halliday, and many, many more!

Your students can be mentored by some of the best jazz musicians alive and the cool thing is they're being mentored on the songs that you're playing in the classroom.

The App

The Accompany Web App comes loaded with many helpful features:

  • You can isolate your part and be mentored by some of the best jazz musicians alive.
  • Mute your mentor's track and enjoy performing in a world-class group.
  • Easily select the measures you want to rehearse.

Coming soon:

  • Rehearse your music at slower tempos and work your way up to full speed.... or even faster.
  • Make a recording and enjoy listening to your progress.

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