#MadMusicChops with Wayne Bergeron

#MadMusicChops with Wayne Bergeron

In 1970, a young 7th-grade boy sat playing his French horn and began to figure out how to make very high pitched, dog-like, noises with his horn. His band director approached him one day and asked him to repeat the high pitched sound. After checking the shockingly high pitch on the piano, the director turned to Wayne and told him that he had a rare gift, a "freak lip" so to speak. He was then encouraged to switch to trumpet and the rest is history. 

Early in his career, Wayne played in Maynard Ferguson’s big band. To say that he's recorded and performed with the world's best is no exaggeration: Ray Charles, Beyoncé, Earth Wind & Fire, Barbra Streisand, Michael Buble, The Dirty Loops, Seth MacFarlane, Natalie Cole, Celine Dion, Seal, Diana Krall, Tito Puente, Christina Aguilera, Dianne Reeves, Michael Bolton, Chicago, Quincy Jones, and Sammy Nestico... just to name a few. ;)

He is also well known for his incredible work with Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band.

Wayne is also one of L.A.'s top session players for movie scores like: The Incredibles (1 and 2), Star Wars: The Last Jedi, La La Land, Finding Nemo (and Dory), Minions, Rocky Balboa, Mission Impossible (3 and 4), Despicable Me (1, 2, and 3), Princess & the Frog, and hundreds of other familiar titles.

Simply put, he is one of the world's greatest lead trumpet players to ever live! He has #MadMusicChops and the cool thing is that you can play along and mentor with Wayne through the A-ccompany App and Music Library.

Also, our All Access Jazz Package includes our Mentored by the Masters videos featuring artists like Wayne. These videos are filled with helpful tips and techniques. Here is a little taste test of Wayne talking about Turns.

If you love Wayne's playing, then be sure to check out his latest solo record, Full Circle.

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