A-ccompany: Helping Musicians Reach Their Potential

A-ccompany: Helping Musicians Reach Their Potential

The Truth About Practicing

Whether you are a choir member, a jazz band member or a singer performing in a musical revue, you need meaningful practice time. I have to admit that I was a poor practicer. I would sit down with my guitar to practice jazz charts by myself at home... it was death by boredom. I had no drums and bass to hold the rhythm down and I was insanely bored after about 10 minutes.

Practice Made Perfect

With the A-ccompany Jazz Library, I would have been in heaven. I would have plugged my smartphone into the stereo system, cranked up the A-ccompany App, and gone to town. If I wasn't sure about a rhythm or a chord, I could have soloed up the guitar and checked it out right then. To top it off, I would have navigated to the solo section, muted the recorded solo and experimented all day long. 

Back then I was dreaming of the day I could play with great professionals like Wayne Bergeron and Al Kaplan. Now I can do that any time I like - even in my PJs. Being a part of the A-ccompany family, producing these amazing products, and helping developing musicians is truly a dream come true.


Barry Gibbons

Co-Founder of A-ccompany

"With You Every Step and Half Step of The Way"

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Arguern - May 30, 2021

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